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Project Management


Bring in an expert

Few organisations can afford the luxury of dedicating a full time member of staff for print buying, in most cases the annual print or marketing budget simply cannot justify the expense. In general the staff involved with buying print or marketing collateral cover this role as part of their job, but their core function within the business is usually something entirely different.

We provide a valued service to ensure your task is managed efficiently and delivered to budget. It may simply involve a single print production run and delivery, or possibly creation of multiple elements with print and online delivery from drawing board concept to global distribution. Our experience to control and deliver to budget is key to why many clients choose to use our team for guidance and support to deliver any scale of project.

Your organisation will benefit from our business strategy, simply explaining the myriad of print jargon in plain English will replace uncertainty with confidence.


A 'Can-Do' Approach

At Portland Media you will always we welcomed with a helpful and positive attitude to your enquiry. Ask us about a consultation to evaluate your companies spend on print and marketing material, how its purchased, quantity and frequency. Our expertise will provide an efficient and competitive service to reduce costs and empower your staff to achieve their goals.

Concept - Photography - Artworking - Print - Mailing - Fulfilment - Postage - Delivery - Off-line - On-line. All areas of a project controlled in one place, simple and it works.

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