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Digital Print

Allowing for fast print turnaround times with short run lengths. Digital print has become the first choice to meet customers demands and deliver high quality print urgently, often the same day. In house Xerox press technology surpasses client expectations and proofing if required before a print run is straight off the press.
Fastest Turnaround - Low Quantities - High Quality. Digital press technology has become a standard that meets and exceeds quality expectations.


Conventional Sheetfed & Web Printing

For longer run lengths conventional printing is the cost effective option. Our contacts across a wide spectrum of print disciplines allows us to match any print job to a press that can deliver not just on quality but on price for that specific task. Many companies buying print do not have time to evaluate the vast array of press options and sizes to place a job on the correct press, we do.

Sheetfed - Web - Finishing - Paper. Match the right job to the right press, few printers if any have them all for any occasion.


Large Format Printing

Using the highest quality ink-jet technology currently available the output from our Epson printers is simply stunning for prints up to 44" 1.12m wide. However we do cater for even larger format print or direct to media for a variety of indoor and outdoor usages. We also provide a full installation service to complete the entire project, from window graphics, exhibition projects to retail outlet fittings both internal and external.

Exhibition Panels - Pop-up Stands - Pitch Boards - Posters - Installations. All finished to size, mounted, sealed, ready for whatever you need.


Proofing & Fogra Contract Proofing

A sign off proofs function may be to check content but more importantly it is required to check colour and becomes a hard copy to match on press. Depending on your needs our proofs can be supplied on a wide range of materials and are printed to industry standards to reflect the colour fidelity expected of a print run. Certified EFI contract proofs are also available from our Epson 9900S which is fitted with the X-rite Spectroproofer, which can read back colour values and authenticate the print. Digital contract proofing to Fogra production requirements raises the standard and produces a colour proof certified to be matched on press.

Gloss - Semi-matt - Matt. Contract Proofing to Fogra standards.

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