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Email Campaigns

Create and send e-mail campaigns

We have standard templates that can be used and customised to get a promotion up and running or we can quickly build a template from scratch that reflects your organisations branding. Once set up the editing for each new campaign can be managed either by our team or with a little tuition the control of updates and the sending process can handed over to the client.

Manage lists and subscribers

The complex area of subscriber management is a time consuming business if undertaken manually. Recipients are managed for you as we handle all the problems like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. Whether you've got a small list, or a large list that needs segmenting and personalisation, adding new subscribers or suppressing existing recipients is straightforward within our on-line campaign portal.


Reporting and analytics

The information available to assist in monitoring any campaign is vast and is visually displayed in easy to read and understand reports. Measuring the effectiveness of every campaign goes way beyond counting opens and links clicked on. The tools display a graphic timeline of activity since sending, with charts and downloadable csv files for further analysis.  

Responding to real time recipient activity can ensure you run an effective campaign as identifying exactly who is opening the campaign live is a serious aid to any sales team. The global location map shows where in the world your recipient opened the email, which is impressive to see in action. We even show you what email program your subscribers are using and if they are using a an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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