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Superior 'Digital Publishing' 

Where traditional printing costs are prohibitive or your audience want to read your publications online our Digital Publications allow you to deliver your content in the best way possible – fast, readable and classy. Whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, readers appreciate the feel of a “real book” on their screen, so they will love your digital publishing style.

Publish anywhere

Publications can be embedded on your website, in the Cloud, CD/DVD, flash drive, social networks, in e-mails, mobile apps, or a QR code, the options are endless. We can provide a hosting service for the publications or supply fully working independent files that can be hosted on your own server - flash memory versions are great as give aways at shows and exhibitions.


Our publications allow for many customisable options such as bookmarking, sharing, downloading, local printing and with full page plus magnifying its easy to zoom in for clear reading, open on your smartphone and double tap any text block. It will fit the screen. Awesome!

Download to native mobile app

If a publication is opened on a mobile device, the user will be offered the opportunity to install an app for convenient offline reading, making your publication available to the reader without further need for internet access.

Online catalogues with e-commerce and a shopping cart

Page turn software for digital publishing has been available in many formats over the years, but with e-commerece now part of our service, it brings a quantum leap to selling your products and services online. Each product can be linked to your web site but if you do not have e-commerce running our digital publications can cover that task for you, with a shopping cart check out and payment services provided through PayPal.

This is a truly significant step for smaller enterprises that do not have e-commerce on their website, the very same page layout files used for designing your printed page can have embedded in them all the links necessary for the creation of a 'e-commerce digital publication' that can be updated at regular intervals.

Superior Digital Publishing, saving you time and money, with flexibility to sell online to your customers

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