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Workflow & Asset Storage

21st century production

ProFlow project management is simple to use and provides a comprehensive portal to store project information, set statuses, invite people to share all workflow or just a single project, create & control timelines for actions, manage documentation and much more. 

It's quick and easy to get started.


All in the browser

Everything is completed in your chosen browser, nothing to download, nothing to install. Images and documents can be reviewed, annotated and shared, between colleagues, clients, suppliers or anyone who you are collaborating with. Check statuses on pages and comment on them without having to download and open files locally. Easy for everyone to see what's going on and works great on smart phones and tablets.

As you use Proflow further it can be customised and used in more sophisticated ways, there's almost no limit to how it can be deployed to work efficiently in a group, 24/7 anywhere with an online connection.


Time saving

The greatest benefits of material being located centrally and available to a group is to cut production time down and improve communication.

Documents can be uploaded through a Drag & Drop tool from single files to whole folders, Proflow then produces thumb nails of all files types to make visual navigation simple. 


Asset storage

ProFlow contains a sophisticated 'library' section to provide a depository for all completed images and documents. This means you never lose that important image or vital document, that somehow just don't seem to exist anywhere else. The library section can again be shared with colleagues, or any individual you want to allow access to, all password protected with a full reporting analysis to track usage.


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